Case Study - GSA

United States General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent government agency and one of the largest facility managers in the world. EcoDomus has been deployed on a number of GSA facilities including the Camden Federal Courthouse.

EcoDomus was adopted to digitalize document control, eliminate paper and waste, integrate with Maximo and demonstrate the return on investment (ROI).  


The implementation of EcoDomus CDE and mobile app allowed efficiencies and time savings resulting from facility engineers using iPads to process work tasks and access building information in place of using text messages, paper clip boards, drawings and equipment binders.

  • Unscheduled tasks – The introduction of mobile workflows reduced 2 levels of redundant data entry and eliminated physical paper in workflow saving 10 minutes per task / 16 hours per month / 200 hours per year

The centralized repository eliminated the need for physical binders and the time taken to retrieve/locate the appropriate folder in storage.

  • Eliminating searching for unstructured legacy data - Savings 20 to 40 minutes per instance.  10 instances per month, 120 instances per year. Equaled 3-6 hours per month / 36-72 hours per year

  • This also freed up the storage room for other uses.

The ability to visualize the building in 3D supported the identification of non-visible building systems and the locations of pipe blockages.

- Eliminated:

  • This reduced the investigation time saving 1-2 hour per instance. 2 instances per month, 24 instances per year. Totaling between 48-96 hours per year


The total savings for the O&M team = 284-368 hours per year.