EcoDomus software allows a ‘Common Data Environment’ for all relevant types of information. It gives a 3D view of facilities in an easy-to-use format for facility managers that links the Asset Information Model (in BIM) with real-time facility operations data acquired by meters and sensors (Building Management Systems, BMS) and facility management (FM) software. This allows for intelligent analysis of a building’s performance and supports better maintenance practices, resulting in significant reductions in labour hours and energy use.

More information is covered in this webinar recording (from December 2018): 


EcoDomus provides:
  • Highly flexible technology that brings together software, data and operational systems, integrating with facility data management systems.

  • An integrated ‘Single Source of Truth’ database with a visual 3D interface for data collection, analysis and asset data maintenance over the whole facility lifecycle.

  • Secure access to the common data environment and good management practice built-in.

  • Support for open information standards, for example COBie.

  • Scalability to support Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data applications.

  • Mobile and web interfaces to support site-based working.

  • Deployment in the Cloud or behind private firewalls.

EcoDomus has international distributors in Australia, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Middle East, and other countries.