EcoDomus Portal can be installed in the Cloud (Azure, AWS, dedicated servers) or on-premises, behind the firewall. It is a single platform where all functions are closely integrated vs. other systems glued together via multiple acquisitions.

Some of the major modules are reviewed below.

Document Management:


Manage your files (CAD/BIM, PDFs, JPGs, etc.) in a Common Data Environment (CDE) – use metadata to define your files and workflows, link files to BIM elements (components, types, spaces, etc.), check-in and check-out documents for editing, use version control and compare PDFs, comply with ISO 19650 requirements, import/export documents with COBie, use tags to filter documents, apply redlining/markups, create issues for documents, etc. Customize your business workflows with the built-in Workflow Configurator:


Data Quality Control:


Use the built-in Object Structure Engine to define the required fields and documents per asset type or space. Set up acceptable ranges of values. Run queries customized per each lifecycle phase to find missing items (attributes or docs) in the BIM/COBie files and linked documentation. Edit / add missing information within the same interface.


Utilize ability to create dynamic reports via filters (saved queries) based on object attributes. 

Quality Controls rule setup.PNG

Asset Data Management:


Add / edit asset metadata (attributes for types, components, spaces, systems, zones, floors, facilities) by importing it from BIM (Revit/IFC), or from Excel COBie files, or typing via a web form interface. Batch edit attributes for multiple entities. Build saved queries (filters) using object attributes for real-time reports exportable to Excel. Generate barcodes/QR codes for assets. See room data sheets (assets linked to spaces), automatically imported from RVTs.


Generate relationship (affects) diagrams for assets:


3D / 2D Viewer:


EcoDomus Viewer is the most advanced among the online BIM/CAD viewers. It supports multiple rendering quality options, merging of 3D parametric models (produced from BIM) with point clouds and CityGML files within the same scene, allows for dozens of configuration options (speed, FOV, navigation controls, etc.), supported by all browsers as well as a native mobile device app, etc.

Data Center MEP room.png

Issues Management:


Track all issues related to lifecycle facility business processes: design coordination, RFIs, punch lists/snags, commissioning notices, service requests, preventative maintenance work orders, etc. Create 3D / 2D markups in the BIM viewer and redline issues in point clouds. Create custom-formatted PDF notices to parties overdue on completing the issues. See the labels on top of 3D objects with linked issues. Change issue status (defined via Workflow Configurator) to trigger auto-notifications.


User mini-chat for each issue to discuss the progress:

Issue with chat.PNG