Avatars and BIM

One of the powerful features of the EcoDomus Viewer is the ability to engage its game-engine foundation capabilities, such as deployment of avatars. Traditionally, most of the BIM focus was on the static, fixed facility elements such as walls, windows, HVAC equipment, etc. But buildings are full of moving objects: people, carts, machines (for factories), stretchers (for hospitals), etc. EcoDomus Viewer allows tracking these moving objects, and setting up rules, for example: what happens if Object A is within 5 feet of Object B.

These avatars (like in the image above) can be navigated using the standard keyboard buttons (W, A, S, D) or using programmed algorithms. In some cases the presence of an avatar can help understand the scale of the surrounding 3D objects, or avatars may help simulate access to maintainable equipment (i.e. do I need to bring a ladder to access that lighting fixture), or to plan people movement.

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