SAN FRANCISCO, CA – EcoDomus has been profiled in the Tradeline’s industry-leading publication describing new integration strategies that reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Owners are increasingly specifying that Building Information Modeling (BIM) data for new capital projects be delivered according to specific criteria that allows for the information to be easily integrated with Building Automation Systems (BAS) and other facility management systems to create an integrated platform for better lifecycle energy management. Because BIM is a database containing all facility information, it can be used as a powerful tool for unifying data from other systems, especially when used throughout the entire lifecycle of a building—from planning and design through construction to ongoing operations and management.

This innovative approach, termed “integrated lifecycle BIM,” can provide owners with an array of valuable benefits including reduced energy costs, faster maintenance response, and improved risk management, among other things.

But it all starts with defining and gathering the right information in the right format at different stages in the process, from early planning and construction through final delivery and beyond.

According to a study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, losses resulting from poor interoperability between different computer-aided design, engineering, and software systems accounts for more than $15.8 billion per year. Integrated lifecycle BIM strategies help reduce these losses by enabling access to valuable information compiled from multiple systems including BAS, CAFM and GIS software. This visual integration of digital information allows for a more complete analysis of facility performance and maintenance that ultimately helps reduce operating costs throughout the building’s entire lifecycle.

“Studies indicate that the average loss related to running a facility in a non-integrated way is approximately .23-cents a square foot. This means that, if you have a million square foot facility, you are losing as much as $230,000 a year due to data silos and a lack of interoperability,” says Igor Starkov, president of EcoDomus.

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