EcoDomus for Oil & Gas Industry

EcoDomus solutions have been successfully implemented in the building industry for more than 7 years. Over the last two years the world-leading Lifecycle BIM software has been also used for infrastructure projects like airports and rail. Now EcoDomus software is finding its way into oil & gas, ports, and marine structures due to the new and enhanced features.

The core of the EcoDomus software is a flexible engine that can handle any physical structure: from small office buildings to nuclear reactors. EcoDomus 3D interface is capable of handling large and complex constructed objects by dynamically loading visible elements of the structures. In addition to the parametric 3D models, EcoDomus Laser Scan Viewer helps linking assets within the point clouds for more accurate structure representation.

Especially useful for large complex structures, such as those found in the oil & gas, ports, and marine industries, is the ability to apply Mobile BIM. EcoDomus Mobile app working online/offline on iPad can be used for corrosion inspections, or safety analysis, or assets tracking and work orders, or for many other purposes.

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