EcoDomus for Process Industry

Most of the BIM implementations that we hear about were done in the general / commercial construction market verticals. Even though industrial construction (especially for plants / factories) has been using 3D modeling longer than the commercial construction, the fact that those structures are not very well known creates a perception that BIM hasn’t arrived there yet.

One of the reasons was that the software applications for design & management of process industry assets were very specialized, expensive, difficult to use, very niche. The situation has changed: many industrial facilities are designed using traditional BIM tools like Revit, coordinated in Navisworks, and now managed in EcoDomus.

EcoDomus has been successfully deployed at a number of process plants, in Asia and Eastern Europe. There is a new initiative (that we will present in September) – a process industry-specific module, customized for the industry workflows, based on EcoDomus API platform. For more questions and schedule a presentation please contact us.