Forest City Gets Smart City Award from IDC

EcoDomus’ client, Country Garden (China), has received an award from IDC Asia Pacific for its project in Malaysia – Forest City Pacificview.

Committed in creating outstanding smart building solutions, Forest City integrates new technology including EcoDomus BIM platform, IoT sensing platform and AI city application. Building information modelling (BIM) implementation plays a key role in the design quality improvement, sustainable construction and facility & asset management (FM/AM) for the Forest City development.  Through the virtual 3D building model creation, BIM model keeps track of the constructed project to ensure all design changes can be checked before they are applied for the project delivery to minimize errors and rework on site.

IoT Sensing Platform includes Smart meters, Building Monitoring and Green Wall. Smart sensors that are installed throughout the city in buildings, such as meters installed in homes allow energy usage to be monitored remotely and for supply to be controlled remotely, which leads to cost savings over manual meter reading and switching. Building Monitoring, also called Building Energy Management is the monitoring of indoor environment in a building by various sensors for temperature, humidity, illuminance, motion, carbon dioxide, etc. Green Wall is a one of the highlights in Forest City which is famous with vertical planting on the building walls. Forest City has invested to set up an automatic irrigation system which will supply the plants with the ideal amount of water. These automations are being monitored online via network. The integration of vegetation on buildings by vertical greening allows a significant improvement of the building’s efficiency, ecology and environmental benefits.

From an AI technology perspective, the building can perform face recognition, license plate recognition, fingerprint recognition etc. The AI city application help to create a security shield to ensure the safety of the community. Also, Forest City has its designated intelligent robot “Sensen” for urban management and public services, to provide residents with consulting, guidance, entertainment interaction and other intelligent experience.

Smart building implementation in the Forest City was initiated in 2016 and the systems and applications mentioned above have been implemented which helping the city to make the best use of resources, deliver public services and utilities more efficiently and effectively.