Singapore Conference “Preparing Your BIM for FM”

Spurred by industry interests and mandate by the Singapore government, EcoDomus, in collaboration with DiHUB (the BIM division of CPG Corp), facilitated a Sharing Session in Singapore on “Preparing Your BIM for FM” on 28-Apr-2017. It was attended by more than 60 participants across the various disciplines of the AEC and FM industry.

William Lau, Chairman of the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Technical and Resource Committee, started with his presentation on “IOT, BIM & FM – Do We Need to Care?”. He gave a summary of emerging technologies to become a Smart Nation and how the Common Data Environment (CDE) will become an important platform for the integration of the Internet of Things (IOT), BIM (Building Information Model) and Facilities Management (FM).

KC Tay, Regional Director of EcoDomus ASEAN, shared on the key challenges of BIM handovers, and how the stakeholders can prepare their BIM to be ready for FM, and the step by step approach to import them into the EcoDomus CDE platform.