The Best 3D Viewer in the Market

EcoDomus Viewer has a long history, starting as a Navisworks ActiveX based module back in 2009, then being one of the first test cases of Autodesk’s VDAPI (now Forge). A lot has changed since then: plug-ins and desktop utilities are no longer required thanks to WebGL and HTML5, model size is not a constraining factor anymore, and spending the last 3 years on building our own viewer we can proudly say that it is the best in the market.

It combines the power of a game engine, so it is scalable and supported by hundreds of 3rd party extensions; it can be deployed both in the Cloud and on-premises (which is still a major requirement by most of the large clients); it is very fast even with large models; it is easy to customize; it is deployed on multiple platforms including mobile OS; it supports AR/VR devices.

EcoDomus Viewer enables us to build not just an AEC application, but to create a “digital twin” for any kind of capital structure – a virtual copy of the world around us.