Webinar: Digital Twins via BIM CDE, IoT, PIM & AIM

The webinar recording is available at this link on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjJWzb4J-bo

Increasingly, facility owners require as-built BIM (Building Information Models) to create virtual copies of facilities and infrastructure (“Digital Twins”) by integrating BIMs with sensors (Internet of Things, IoT), ERP, GIS, FM applications, and other IT systems.

EcoDomus, the #1 provider of Common Data Environment (CDE) software for Lifecycle BIM (from design & construction to operation & maintenance), explained via this 1-hour free webinar how to make it all work in real life. EcoDomus’ experts will demonstrate a few examples from the Lifecycle BIM implementations, and explain how to utilize:

• A BIM CDE and why it is critical for design, construction and facility management. • How to continue using 2D materials (PDFs, DWGs, etc.) while upgrading to new BIM workflows. • What is Project Information Model (PIM) and how to migrate it to Asset Information Model (AIM) and what global standards exist (i.e. ISO 19650). • Quality control of asset data and documentation and linking it to BIM. • Critical data and models connected to EAM and CAFM systems like Maximo and ARCHIBUS. • Mobile BIM to make immediate decisions in the field. • BIM + Internet of Things (IoT) for optimal building performance. • Configurable workflows for easy asset data collection, inspections, and punch list, using electronic forms on iPad. • Laser scanning technology for 3D asset management.